Wealthy Affiliate Review Is it a legit way to make money online?

Wealthy Affiliate Review 

Create an online business

Wealthy Affiliate was created as a tool to help other people succeed online in the same way Kyle and Carson had already experienced success. Since 2005, the platform at WA has continued to evolve and innovate at a pace that is faster than the industry.

It was a platform that was build by 2 guys, Kyle and Carson. They had no particular knowledge of building and managing an online business but with the hard work and time they invested in they were able to know exactly how to build your online business.

Even by trial and error. When they became successful online they are sharing their experiences and expertise on a platform where they can teach you on building an online business from scratch, no get-rich-quick scheme or some loop holes.

At WA the best place for anyone to learn everything that it takes to build your online business.

Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100

 The Wealthy Affiliate has two price point:

  1. Starter membership: $0 (Click Here)
  2. Premium Membership: $49 month OR $359 yearly (Click Here)

Owner(s): Kyle and Carson

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

[Update; Premium members are allowed to use Jaaxy Lite at no additional cost]

What is Wealthy Affiliate?


Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you have all you need in the pursuit of learning everything you will need to build your online business. Even if you are a well seasoned online veteran of amateur you are welcome here are we are always up to date there is no magic of how WA has existed for more than 10 years in the time of writing.

If you are still reading this then there may be a couple of things and doubt in your mind and the reason you are here is pretty simple, you want to build your online business. Even newbies are very welcomed because with the first class tools and training available here anyone should succeed.



How much money can you make online with Wealthy Affiliate?

How does it feel of you can make 10$/day, 100$/day, 1000$/day?

Do you want more money, Who does not want more money?

Then you are already set to join WA, but first I want to be honest with you guys this is not making money fast scheme where you can become a millionaire overnight like any fancy online Gurus.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community and a platform where you will learn everything to become successful online.

There are many things going on. After you first join, you will be surprised at how easy it is to use the platform. We include everything from Wealthy Affiliate for your success.

By that I mean from website hosting to training all are available. Backed by members and owners of the website Kyle and Carson they are ready to share their expertise with you.

Here we are going to willing to put the work. You want to make a long-term online business for the years to come and have a stable amount of income every month you know you are in the right place.

You could even quit your boring 9 to 5 job and get enough rest. Without worrying about having to wake on time the next day.

What you will have as a member of WA 

First of all, if you are tired of listening and being scammed you are in the right place. Here is not a place where they just not tell like some online Gurus.

All that is taught within the wealthy affiliate community are tried and true methods of being successful online. Below are some materials you will get on wealthy affiliate;

Below are the very best thing and some unique to WA, you will not found such huge amount of resources in a single place.



  • Free to join (Just sign-in)


  • Getting Started guide, so that you can familiarize yourself with the platform


  • Training material, including video, courses, classroom you can take to learn and discuss


  • Communicating with members


  • Live chat and support team


  • 2 free website, when you join for free you can customize to suits your need


  • Fast and Secure website hosting


  • Spam free environment, you know how it can feel when you just surfing a website and you are being assaulted by ads pop-up. One of the main reason is that to provide a distraction-free environment.


If it was really a great platform they could charge upfront money but that is not the case. You can join completely for free at no cost.  Few platforms allow this. Personally, I have not seen any platform that allows accessing to such material without upfront cost Even if you do not like it rare you know that your money is not wasted.


For Who WA suites the best?

The wealthy affiliate community allows everyone to join regardless of your knowledge of online business. You could be a complete beginner with zero knowledge of how the online work works.

The training and community ready to support you along the way.

Every year industry experts and the founder and co-founder of the Wealthy Affiliate Community, Kyle and Carson along with the industry expert are out there discussing the trends and how the blogosphere is evolving. So you can rest assured that you are always getting the latest training materials at Wealthy Affiliate.

So everyone can build a successful online business be anywhere on the globe if you are able to connect to the internet and have a working laptop then you are good to go.

The wealthy affiliate community allows everyone to join regardless of your knowledge of online business. You could be a complete beginner with zero knowledge of how the online work works.

The training and community ready to support you along the way.

So to put it short you can be anywhere on the globe but if you are able to connect to the internet and have a working laptop then you are good to go.

Training and Tools 

Training available are very detailed and step by step. At the end of every training, there will be your small homework where you should take action to progress and build your website.

Very few platforms allow such detailed material and support for all members you will also get help from any Wealthy Affiliate member.


Training at Wealthy Affiliate

Following the training is a breeze with the nature of how it was build and easy it was to implement it. Next, we are going to talk about the tools and training material that are provided.

  • Classroom

  • Live Video Classes

  • Video Tutorial

  • Discussions

  • To do list


Then someone just joins Wealthy Affiliate they are overwhelmed, (in a good way), by the amount of training and tutorial available. You could too but it is fine the way WA is built you will find it easy to navigate around.

Each training will show you a different perspective on how you could potentially scale your business. So at the end of each training, you will know that you can put your eggs in different baskets.

Live Weekly Webinar

The live training is awesome very well detailed and organised. On every Friday it is hosted by magistudios who is in the game for quite a long time and commonly known as Jay. At the end of every webinar, Jay does provide Q & A time before closing.

Even if you missed the webinar, there will be a replay available the next day and will be there whenever you need it.





First, let me explain how the classroom work and how it is used.

The picture in right below is how it appears on the WA platform.




Live Chat

If you have used Facebook before well you are more than qualified to use it. Mainly used for asking questions with the intent of having a quick response from the community. It takes about an average of 2 minutes for a question to be answered and the best part of it is 24/7/365 days.




As you may have noticed part of the picture above is blurred as I do respect their privacy of the community members inside WA. Just to give you how it look so you can have an idea about.

Tools at Wealthy Affiliate

Tools were built to simplify our daily life. Let’s take for example a handsaw and a nail. Although they have great capabilities if you tried to hammer the nail with the handsaw it will be futile. You will lose your time and energy and it will simply won’t work out. A hammer will be more suitable for the job here.

The point of that story is that here we do care about your success. The tools that are provided at Wealthy Affiliate will help you in your journey of being a successful affiliate.


  • Keyword Tool

  • Rapid Writer

  • Site Content


  • Website Hosting

  • Free Themes

  • Website Builder(WordPress)


When you will join Wealthy Affiliate, you can rest assured that you will not have the need to use tools outside of it. Everything is included to build your website. All is yours once you decide to become a premium member.  Few platforms allow this type of flexibility.

Keyword Tool

I personally do use it almost every day to do some keyword research. Also to find how people search about a specific niche. The fun fact is that it is free on the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

Also, you will be able to pinpoint keywords that are currently being searched on search engines. So you will be able to target your readers more precisely. When your article is being published your readers will find you using the search engines.


Every great platform will lose its value if they are not backed by a wonderful support team. You can feel like it is the end of these worlds when you encountered a problem.

Sometime the most immediate reaction is that you Google it. You will have to search each and every page related to your problem.

Also, you need to know some technical jargon if you have a chance of solving your problem. This is an old thing on Wealthy Affiliate, that to the support available. Below is a list of what type of support you can expect with WA.


  • Live Chat


  • Discussion


  • Website Support


  • Private 1 to 1 support from expert community members


  • Private access to all community members


  • SiteHealth


  • Security


  • SitePlus+


There are still more available at WA. Which can be found at when you join for free. There is one new tool that is just recently introduced, the SitePlus. It is available only for premium members out there. These are 3 powerful tools namely SiteSpeed, SiteSSL(HTTPS) and Site Protect(SPAM BLOCKER).

 Wealthy Affiliate SitePlus Premium Features


This technology is proprietary to Wealthy Affiliate. Its main purpose is to speed up your website loading time. Website with fast loading time are experiencing higher rank on search engines. It eliminates the need of having a cache plugin.


At Wealthy Affiliate for all premium members are allowed free SSL certificate. Your website will have a 256 bit encryption connection. It normally cost around $100 to $200 to install it on a website but at here at WA it is free for premium members. Google consider website with SSL certificate more secure giving them a slight boost in rank in search engines.

Site Protect(SPAM BLOCKER)

If you own a website then having spam can make your website slow by bombarding with spam comments. Clutting your website database which can slow it down if not removed. So by blocking spam comments in server level before it gets to your website. It is a clever way of managing it.


Starter Membership: $0 (Click Here)

Premium Membership: $49 monthly OR $359 Yearly (Click Here)

The $0 seem to be unreal. But upon joining the starter account you will have access to the Wealthy Affiliate community right away. That is live chat, classroom, training modules, 2 free websites, keyword tool and much much more.

In Wealthy Affiliate Premium you will have access complete to everything. The website hosting fees, website builder, help, training and more.

Wealthy Affiliate was created all condensed in one single package at a super low price. Even competitors cannot beat Wealthy Affiliate at the price point with all the quality training available at this single platform.

Success happening at Wealthy Affiliate

There are many people inside Wealthy Affiliate are having success right now. You too can be part of it. It depends if you are really willing to do the hard work.













Success Stories

Final Thought + Bonus

If you decide to upgrade from STARTER member to PREMIUM member within the first 7 days you will get a discount for the first month when you upgrade.

Once you step on being a premium member, it is nothing compared to the free starter. You will have access to all the tools and services that will help in building your business. You will have an awesome community to help you out including myself.

Upon joining the Free Starter Account, you will get a special bonus if you decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days, Premium members now have access to Jaaxy Lite keyword tool at no additional cost(normal price $49/month).  You will get a discount of 59% on the first month.  After going Premium I will personally contact you to make sure you are all set and ready to use the platform.



24 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review Is it a legit way to make money online?”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like an awesome platform to learn online marketing. Most programs or courses offer you a free webinar to attend and afterward, you are asked to pay a huge amount of money to enter the “specific” training only a few have access to. Upscaling is all about building hype I guess. Look like Wealthy Affiliate is being honest with its customers. That’s a good way to start

    1. Very true from your part. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the very few programs out there that offer free access without no cost. There are no tricks here and being honest with the audience is what many marketers fails to do.

  2. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best site to learn how to make money in any niche. They actually teaches how one can make money with your gift or passion.

    I joined wealthy Affiliate thinking that it will be easy but I discovered from experience that it will take a lot of serious work through and taken action to make it online.

    The good news is that If any person who is passionate about making money online join Wealthy AFILIATE, there is no way such an individual will not make money as long as he or she takes action and implement what he or she learnt.



    1. Using The Wealthy Affiliate platform I learned much in building an online business that anywhere else. Some people think that it will be easy but in fact it take the same amount of effort to build a brick and mortar one. 

      That is why most people most people fail in business because of not estimating the right amount of effort needed.

  3. Hello! I am also part of Wealthy Affiliate(WA). I love it and the support and the community within WA is awesome. I’m learning a lot and have a lot more to learn but it’s a wonderful journey. The information is so precise and the step by step videos and writings is amazing. I have never seen a platform such as Wealthy Affiliates that provides everything you need to have an on-line business.

    The way it’s laid out here is exactly right! I love the break down of everything. Step-By-Step

    1. Apart from that every year new training are being developed to help us become a better affiliate marketers is it not great.

  4. HI Sheikave,
    Thanks for your post on this. You’ve come up with a pretty decent article that outlines some of the benefits of the platform. I’m a member of the platform myself and whilst I was initially skeptical (went for the free platform) I was immediately overwhelmed how great it was. The number of training courses and things I’ve learnt has been unbelievable. For anyone thinking about this, just give it a go!


  5. Hi Sheikave,
    You have given a very comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate here. I am proud to say I found this platform too and could not agree with you more on how good it is, and also how it definitely isn’t a get rich quick scheme but a great legitimate business anybody could start. I have never seen a platform online that gives you so much for such a small investment each mth (or save $$$ with the yearly plan). And the community, the support, and tools are just unbelievable!

  6. Hi Sheikave,
    You have given a very comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate here. I am proud to say I found this platform too and could not agree with you more on how good it is, and also how it definitely isn’t a get rich quick scheme but a great legitimate business anybody could start. I have never seen a platform online that gives you so much for such a small investment each mth (or save $$$ with the yearly plan). And the community, the support, and tools are just unbelievable!

    1. This is very true. I did came across many program but all were suspicious. With further investigation they were scam. Not until I found at Wealthy Affiliate. I teaches everything that you need to be able to build your online business. As a complete beginner when I first started it an easy learning process. 

  7. As someone who might be interested in Wealthy Affiliate I think you covered all the key points for someone to get started as far as what WA offers, ie website hosting and training on building a site.

    One question I have is: are those people’s pictures and comments about earnings authorized for you to post? You might need to get approval before posting…perhaps you did?

    I also am left wondering how exactly do I make money?
    IE you talk about building the website using WA tools and training but I may have missed what it is that I will be doing to make the money to quit my 9 to 5 job?

    Perhaps you can explain to the reader exactly what an affiliate is? And what a WA affiliate would be doing?

    Just a few of my thoughts as I read your blog.

    1. Those people  picture I did mentioned are among the top earner in Wealthy Affiliate as far as I know. They have the skills and dedication to make it work. This is a model for new beginners and as a standard. When a member try to replicate their level of action soon they also will be successful.

      No I did not asked for their approval but in a way it is a double promotion type of thing. They will get credential when someone on my website search their name on wealthy Affiliate.

      In every aspect in all types of business you either sell a service or a product. Here at Wealthy Affiliate we teach all the fundamental of an online business my have. An audience, traffic and website.

      I think you were lost in the initial stage. 

      A affiliate is someone who sell someone else product(s) on thei website in exchange for a commission.

      WA is here to teach you from beginning to the end on how to build a successful online business.

  8. One of the best platforms for newbies to start their own online business. I personally have been scammed a few times, something that I am not proud to say, but that was because I was looking for easy ways to make money online. I was lazy and didn’t want to work or to understand how it worked online. I wanted to make money at the click of a button.

    But now, after having lost so much money, I rolled up my sleeves and decided that I really wanted to fire my boss and make money from home or anywhere else in the world. That’s where WA comes in. I was totally clueless of how an online business was built and WA really shed light and showed me the way. Now I am on my way to the freedom that I was always looking for.

    WA is the best!

    1. Most people cannot see the bigger picture of life. They will work till they die, the sad truth of most the people. There are few that realize this trap, so they find an alternate path. When you will build an online business you will make mistakes but with each mistake you will become much more aware which action are best working for you.

      It is worth it to learn how to do an online business than working for your rest of your life.

  9. True! I completely agree that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best options available out there where one can easily and efficiently learn to make money in just about any niche. I love the fact that they are completely honest with the users. Over the past few months of using this fabulous platform, I have learned a lot and recommend it to everyone now.

    1. This is one of the platform where your success is based on your own hard work. Backed by a wonderful members to help you in building your website you are few steps away from getting your first sales.

  10. What I think is very useful with Wealthy Affiliate when you are a newbie is the structure.
    It is soo easy to get confused and not know where to start and what to do but the step by step approach at Wealthy Affiliate makes it really easy to follow. You just start with lesson one and just do lesson by lesson at the same time as you are building your website and your business. On top of this there is always help to get if you should need it. Wealthy Affiliate is really a great place to go for newbies.

    1. That is very true most of the new that come to Wealthy Affiliate learn very quickly how to move around. The process is made very simple and step by step.

  11. Great review!
    Very detailed and everyone can get important information that they want to know about wealthy affiliate. I agree that WA has the best platform and tools, all the pieces of training has quality and value, and even newbie with zero knowledge about affiliate marketing business can easily understand all the lesson at WA. And the best thing about WA is their free membership and helpful community and support.
    You are right to what you said that if somebody encounter problem and no one can help you can make you feel that it’s the end of the world. In WA you can get any help you need even from the Co-founders which is so amazing.

    All the best


    1. That only happen at Wealthy Affiliate even if you ran into a major issue you will be able to contact them. This platform can give a great competitive advantage over its competitors. Also members can add their own tutorials which increases the authority and value. Everyone can start their own business with Wealthy Affiliate.

  12. Hi,Sheikave i went through your page and i think you covered a lot about the site,i am just concerned that you repeated the prices for subscription,which could eat up on the other information,that your future clients would have reached sooner.Other than that i think Wealthy Affiliate was well presented.Lastly i have a feeling that it might have been a good idea to include Kyle and Carson”s photo when you mentioned them,to create trust on your future client,like you have mentioned people are suspicious of scams.Other than that great job,your website design looks great.

    1. As the page itself is very long I tried to put the price at several places because each visitors will not need to scroll much to get the pricing.  Thank you also for reminding me for adding the owners pictures this can be a  great way of boosting conversion. 

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