Tips on how avoid getting scammed using fake vouchers

Stop Scam Fake Vouchers

How to prevent being scammed using fake vouchers

It has been through all the places offline or online vouchers. It is great when we have the chance to get these vouchers. We could use it to get some products of value mentioned. The online world is the same but in a unique twist you could get scammed by con artists in different ways. In this blog post we are going to discuss more about online fake vouchers.


What is a gift vouchers?

A voucher is most of the time in the form of a card not larger than your ID card. It is usually had a damn specific purpose where it is used.

For e.g an electronic store where normally different type of electronic products are sold daily.

As a strategy to keep getting customers, they will need to have something given to loyal customers which can be perceived as a mean of value.

If you are a frequent online shopper then you did buy at least from one online store which offers.

Amazon for example not only offer gift voucher to their online shopper, but they also allow you to gift the person of your choice.

Then the recipient need to use the card to buy from Amazon. The card will already be credit to a fixed amount.

You will only have to spend until the credit limit is reached.

Difference between a real gift voucher and the fake one?


As you become fully comfortable to use the internet, you will learn the different ways you can be a victim of online fraud.

It is better safe than sorry. That is a solid point for you to learn to make the difference between a real and a fake online gift vouchers.

There will be enough clues so that you know it is a scam.

There are different variation of the online fake gift vouchers. It made me think that there will always be people who will find creative ways to scam people.

Below are the list of the different variations;

  1. Gift card scam(Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks etc)
  2. Selling Gift vouchers
  3. Email Invitation
  4. Social media
  5. Website pop-up

Gift card scam

Here is a video where you can see some example of how people are getting scammed with their own gift card.

Scammers normally uses fake website to trick people into giving their personal information. Such as personal information and financial credentials.

Upon baiting a people into what they wanted. The victim will have no idea that how his information will be used against him.

The scammer will be using the information with the purpose of doing identity theft to buy gift vouchers. Normally it will of a higher value as it will be sold at a lower price in the black market.

There are some stores that are damn careless when managing their gift vouchers. They are visible to any strangers. Only a picture of it will be enough to clone the card.

Think of a moment what is the most important thing needed for a scammer to clone a gift voucher. The little code that is on it that it.

There are some which do have knowledge of computer technologies and abuse of it to scam people online. If you want to learn more about how scammers steal people’s important information so that they can scam them at a later date. The worst part is when the victim is on the verge of being in debt.

It is only when the victim get their mail from the bank to tell their balance is hitting sub-zero value.

Selling Gift vouchers

After all the information gathering has been over and the card has been cloned somehow it is now for their big show.

They will sell these fake gift vouchers on the streets to strangers. All the fake vouchers if needed. The only reason for this urgency is that the card will become useless if the real one is used at any given time.Gift Card Fake Online Vouchers

Thus revealing the scammers with the potential of getting in jail. This can have many downsides one which the scammers will lose all its credibility in the black market. If you ever have not bought anything from deals from the side I do not urge you.

It is a lot like a normal market except there is no regulation here that is the reason I refrain you from buying with the dangers associated to it. Most of the time it is done in black market under secrecy so even if one get caught not all will be inside of jail. They are just doing “business.”

I recently found one video where you see a man see apparently is selling fake gift vouchers at a low price.

Email Invitation

For this do not have to explain much. If you are a frequent online user then you know how it how annoying it is to have your email box constantly bombarding with junk mail.

Most of the time it just irrelevant item that just pop up. Wasting so much mental energy in the process that is one of the major reason we all have a ton junk email sitting into our mailbox.Email Invitation Fake Voucher

Sometime we get the invitation of getting some weird free vouchers worth of couple of hundreds bucks. It can be damn tempting to click on the following link.

It is damn unfortunate that there are people who fall in this simple trap. Most of them are old people who are still used the internet without knowing the risk.

Social media

I do remember that I had the chance to see it for on the social media. In my case it was about new released iPhone about 100 units which cannot be sold.

The reason is that the smartphones were used for promotional purpose and the seal were broken.

The fake gift vouchers are put online on social media only for a limited time only.

That is only for a specific reason. When something is for a limited for specific amount of time is created a sense of urgency. Causing impulsive decision.Social Media Fake Voucher Scam

They also tell you what to do to be “eligible.” Action including put a like the Facebook Page and share to 10 friends.

Do you remember how you did buy something on impulse the last time you went to the supermarket.

For some of you it is every time. They understand the human psychology damn well that is why many of them fall in this trap.

Website pop-up

When you are on a website surfing on the internet then suddenly there is a pop up that you just have won a gift voucher or you are the lucky winner of some sort.

There is a rule for an online visitor is when something is too good to be true the most of the time you are right.

This also include several actions that you will be prompted to be able to scam you. A list including;

  • Submit our security number so that you can be validated as a US citizen
  • Send the credit card via email so that it can be verified if there are sufficient funds
  • Download free apps after clicking on a link

There are several creative ways a scammer can trick people into giving them their financial credential.

As you can see from the small list it is enough to steal the money from them. Most of the time the victim are old people.

How you can prevent from getting scammed with fake vouchers?

By now, you should be self-aware of the danger and how they will trick you online into doing what they want.

Fortunately if you remember what I am going to give you will be on the safe zone when surfing the internet.

Most of the scammers out their uses similar patterns. So if you will take a little time in looking for them you will be able to filter the good from the bad.

  • Check for testimonials
  • Look for typos in the website
  • Take a detailed look at the emails
  • Broken links

Check for testimonials

If by any chance the website is legit there will be people out there that will comment and show proof of the testimonials.

For example if you tuber is giving a free iPhone to anyone that is subscribed to its channel. The winner will be announced publicly on all his social media accounts.

When the winner will have their prize in their hand they also will happily post it on their website with a thanks and with pictures of prize and the winner holding it.

Do not be surprised if you see testimonial but it is from your perspective damn vague shallow, anonymous user.

If you feel something is not right most of the time there is something obviously not right.

Look for typos in the website

The scammer builds several websites in a great rush because they are so focused in money.

They will leave different clues that can be easily identified by any vigilant online visitor.

Several mistakes including typos, excessive pop ups in which claiming you win some shady prizes you know how it works.

Upon close investigation the website was built in countries where English is not their first language hence with no proper exposure to the language you will have a hard time understanding what they properly meant.

Download free apps after clicking on a link

After visiting the site there is a pop up mentioning that click to download a free version of online SMS & free call or something gibberish like this.

It can be tempting sometimes to install it after a paid program they are giving free. You should stop right there. Because it must have some sort of malware install to store your password and credit card information and steal your money from the bank at a later date.

If you really want to download that program buy it you will be safe knowing you are using a legit version of it.

My Conclusion

The internet is not a safe place like it look like. Think of it more like the wild west. There are good websites and the fake one which you can get into serious trouble. Using the information provided you can play with them at their own game making you winning all the time. Now you can be sure to visit any website and take precaution necessary.


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