Is SEMRush good enough or is there any better alternative


Is Semrush good enough or is there any better alternative to it

Being an online market can be sometime a daunting task. Especially if you are not using a proper keyword tool.When you advances in the rank you will gradually see the importance of how can a good keyword tool like Semrush can find Continue reading “Is SEMRush good enough or is there any better alternative”

Keyword Research – How to improve your marketing skills

How to improve your marketing skills using Keyword Research


Many people have learned it over the past and still learning and improving how to use it it effectively. Keyword research is perhaps one of the most skill you need to learn so that you can level up you’re game. Bloggers, entrepreneur, online marketers anyone revolving around the online environment need it. It is as important skill as SEO.

Keyword research – The dinosaur era

Since the arrival of internet people have tried countless ways to make people find their website. You may ask why, the simple reason is that you want your website to be found by people who are searching information related it.


Logic right, no one want to have a visitor landed in a website only to find out its was irrelevant. This can greatly impact your website as Google think that when visitors are leaving your website your website is crap so they move you down in the ranking.


This is when you have the term keyword research come in as it help visitors find that what they typed in their search query. So by targeting some of the keywords you can have the visitors attention, seems right?. Well partly as some people have already figured it out.

So you are thinking that you are out of the game already


If you read carefully I said partly right. As it is not exactly how it seems to work. To make you understand I will take the dog  niche as an example as most off the people love dogs.


Example of how the keyword research work using the dog niche


Not every search for the exact keyword “dogs” in the internet. Some will type dogs foods, diseases, types of dogs, training, toys, shampoo. All the words mentioned are linked to dog somehow. But different queries were used for different purpose. That is how it work.


Therefore if you want to attract people who are searching for dogs toys your website or your blog post should have something similar so Google can match your queries with the visitor and if it does then search engines like Google and Bing can link your website to the visitors benefiting both of them. Though it does not have to be the exact queries.


That is the reason why several the new internet marketers can be crushed if they want their business to be sustainable then they should learn keyword research basics quickly.


How does keyword work in search engines


It can take a huge chunk of your time and tweaks to know which keyword are getting traffic and which not so that you can provide post which will bring them coming to your website again and again.


It you do not know your way around then how about using a tool to help you figure out your keyword competition and the low hanging fruits.


It can help you to focus on being more productive intead of having  to see and filter out the keyword for yourself.


Introduction to JAAXY – Your free keyword tools

Jaaxy is a keyword tools that can help a lot in your online business. So why not tell how can Jaaxy help you with what is included. Below are some of terms you need to know so that you can use that tool properly.


Monthly Searches


Traffic numbers that are related to some queries searched in the internet. As a tip try not to target to broad keywords like fidget spinners it will be a waste of time. Use the low hanging fruits to your advantage.


KQI[Keyword Quality Index ]


It give you information about the quality of some keyword campaign that you will be using. Having a better insight about the keywords is so important as it will help you to tweak the campaign until you start to get the clicks.  


QSR[Quoted Search Result]


The biggest tool you can have in your arsenal when using Jaaxy. It gathers information from different search engine like Google and Bing. Then display the exact amount of competing pages that are for the specific search keywords. It better to use a keyword tool that counting how many competing page is on google for a specif keyword(s), insanity you might think.    


SEO Power


It can help you to determine if the keywords a are good enough for SEO purposes, SEO Ranking maybe?


When done right on Jaaxy you could rank a specific page, you will get more traffic which will result in more conversion.


Try a free keyword search  using the Jaaxy plugin below