OMG [One Man Gang] Machine 2017 Review, is it a scam?

OMG Machine, can we trust the program?


Product name: OMG MACHINE, an online platform


Overall Ranking: {rank goes here]

Price: $45 to get started

Owners: Greg Morrison and Mike Long


OMG Machines also known as the one man Gang is an online program that teaches your ways you can make money online, how they claim. It was founded by 2 guys named Greg Morrison and Mike Long in 2012. They are reputable for having a very high lifetime fee. but I think if they teach online business then learning to market online must not have to come with such high fees. One explanation might be is they did mention several time business owners who are doing well in their business. Maybe for sharing their knowledge and their time.




  • One time fees, you will have to pay only once then only focus on the training available.
  • Courses are easy to follow




  • All positive comment that is all about the OMG Machine are members who are promoting it.
  • IT has no money back guarantee, which it does claims clearly when asked. It makes no sense if the program would give value.
  • The website needs some upgrades. Surfing around the website and you will know what I am talking about.
  • Horrible customer experience, apart from guys who are promoting it they were rather bothered when emailing them. Instead of engaging the conversion they just tell you to read their terms and services. Which do questions if they really know their stuff.
  • Backlinking will rather work in 2012 but not in 2017 because there are several factors like visitors engagement blog post posting frequency and so much more.
  • Get rich quick mentality is big no. As they will often slack off because they will be underestimating the amount of work and effort needed on a website.
  • There are a lot of courses about SEO at much cheaper price like Udemy.



Someone with no absolutely no online experience and have the money to pay for such high fees. The video training and tutorial are easy to follow, anyone should be able to follow at their own pace.
There is an alternative program that is much cheaper and reasonable.



The training is in 2 separate parts. The list below will give you all the details about the packages.


  1. Commission Conspiracy Part 1
  2. Commission Conspiracy Part 2


Commission Conspiracy Part 1


  1. In the first part, they are focus Squidoo lenses. Also how to uses these lenses to sell on Amazon. Squidoo is a revenue sharing article writing websites where article is called Lenses in Squidoo therms.
  2. Teaches you how to get traffic on your YouTube videos by SEO and monetizing it.
  3. Videos about Greg interviewing successful affiliates explaining what steps to take.
  4. 52 page Ebooks with links to several videos named Part To Inevitable Success Online and several mp3 files.
  5. A software name Magic Submitter-This which allow you to modify your article and add it to a directory which is most probably a grey area.

Commission Conspiracy Part 2

  1. 14 videos where Greg shows how he makes his website rank no.1 in Google in a niche about local business.
  2. Setting up an email campaign
  3. Training from successful internet marketers


These two modules do come at a different price;

  1. Part 1 is $45
  2. Part 2 is $99

One weird thing about the Squidoo is that you can register for free and learn how to make money from it for free. So to pay so much if you can get it for free, very questionable of course.


SUPPORT Overview

One of the thing that makes me think a little more I would have the money and  paid full all in the program would be worth it. Because really, look at the office hours other program offers 24/7 customer support but here no in this case.

Office hours of OMG Machine

  • Monday 20:30 to 22:30 EST
  • Wednesday 10:00 to 12:00 EST
  • Saturday 14:00 to 16:00 EST


If you read their support online you noticed they were pretty negative in regarding the no return policy. But we will see that more in details below. For the time being, I am going to tell you about what kind of support you can get for the high price you pay for the program.

  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Training videos and step by step lessons
  • Future updates and training
  • Live webinar twice per week
  • Skype support
  • Email Support
  • One on One messaging


Free Training Available at OMG Machine?

They do offer free training which is quite recently. Below is a list of all the training they offer.

  1. Squidoo – Video walkthrough where Mike explains about Squidoo and how you can monetize with it.
  2. Local Gold Mine – Video description that explains how the leverage local marketing and make the big buck.
  3. Affiliate Profit – video description by Mike on how affiliate marketing works and how to get started.
  4. Mobile Optimization – Video description of Mike explaining the importance of the mobile optimized site.
  5. Product and Service creation – learn how to sell your product and services on your website.
  6. Conversion – Video training series where Mike explains about conversion and on how to improve it.
  7. Super Webby – A recorded webinar which is hosted by Mike Long and Greg Morrison. Most of which is all about sales pitch and how much money they are making.



How much does the product costs? Are their several price points?

Remember the two modules I was talking about which is about commission conspiracies part 1 and 2;

  1. Commission Conspiracies Part 1 = $45
  2. Commission Conspiracies Part 2 = $99

There are support and coaching system for these you will have  figure out of your own as the support come at a heavy price;

  1. One time payment $7999
  2. 12 monthly payment $699 each[$8388]

It does not make any sense because there is some shady area which I would like to put light on. Using article spinner would work in 2012 but not now as Google algorithm changes for the time to time.

It will hurt your ranking as the article sippers come with keyword stuffing which surely will give you rank in the short term but when Google will penalize your website it can go to making the website indexed.

Paying some high price is like throwing money, as you get support on 3 days a week. To put that in perspective every program that truly helps their customers have 24/7 support and phone support.

Also, they do not provide refund that is basically stealing your money. Even if you asked for it they will treat you by banning your account and they will blacklist you. That is harsh, for the amount of trust we are putting in them.

It would be better for you to get on a platform that allows you to build a long-term with no gimmicks, support and all that for a very reasonable price.




The point is that it is possible to make millions online but OMG Machine gives false assumption about the amount of activity needed to take for being successful. Apart from that the methods he teaches are outdated because the online world’s changes very fast something that is working now will not work for the next year.


As you know by now it was pointless to make such investment and have that kind of treatment with its customers. There is one alternative where you will have a complete support 24/7 an online community where you can get help. See for yourself my no.1 Recommended product v/s OMG Machine.