Is SEMRush good enough or is there any better alternative

Semrush Keyword Tool Is It Worth Your Money


Is Semrush good enough or is there any better alternative to it

Being an online market can be sometime a daunting task. Especially if you are not using a proper keyword tool.When you advances in the rank you will gradually see the importance of how can a good keyword tool like Semrush can find hidden keywords that can have the potential of being a great way to make some decent money. Therefore, today we are going to make a review on Semrush and see if there could be a better keyword tool for the price point.


What is a keyword tool

A keyword tool is a tool which main purpose is to search for related query to that keyword. Also the keyword tool also displays keyword that are related to.

There are many type of keyword which at least does this job. To put more value to it most keyword tool also shows the amount of people which are search for that specific query.

This can be a great help when looking for a good keyword. A tip as rough guide a keyword must be “balanced.” Half way between too competitive and too low.


Benefits of a keyword tool

Before keyword tools were invented, the online world was a bit like Wild West. Everyone doing what they like without much control and not regulated. The number of people online was a few thousands that include government and some rich people.

But not now most people in the world are connected online. A keyword can help in reducing the effort it takes to find the right keyword with just a few clicks.

Just imagine using only Google as an example it is impossible to find keyword it will only gives you their results of your query you typed in.

You can see what your competition is and which exact keywords are being ranked the most. Then you can find a way to get a low ranking keyword.

You can find untouched keyword which can be used for your Adword campaign.

The Semrush Keyword tool Review

Semrush is among a popular keyword. It has about 1 million customers world’s from small to big enterprises. The reason is that to see if it is worth you money or there is a better product keyword tool for your money. There we are going to see what Semrush keyword tool have to offer.

Product Name: Semrush keyword tool

Product Ranking: 7.6 out of 10

Prices; Pro $99.50

Guru $199.95

Business $399.95


Semrush Keyword tool Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • It has a very large keyword database. With 3000 reports per day you are sure that you can see the unused territory is being used and tackle from there.
  • You get a very detail reports with the analytic tools. So you can compare and contrast the keywords and competitions between websites to see where they are having better ROI.
  • Focus on metrics and analytics. They offer in depth tools that are strictly based on keywords and SEO no fancy gimmick like some companies do. This can be a great buying factor when compared to other keyword tools available in the market.

The Cons

  • No free trial available, it should have it so users can at least used the keyword tool to have feel of the product just like a test drive.
  • Full option available in the most expensive package. Some compromises will have to be done with the keyword tool.
  • Have capped amount of projects, keywords and users for consumers.

Luckily Semrush keyword tool allow its customers to request for a custom plan. This is a great option as if you are good at negotiating you can get cheaper price.

The same apply for enterprise solution. Most of the time they will tend to abide to your demand as enterprise package come at a huge price.

Who is it for?

What you should expect when visiting the website there is a lot of complicated stuff. Most terms will not be fully understood in the consumer market.

However moving upward in the prosumers market, it a better tool for someone like SEO specialist.

The price are quite high that is why it is better suited for the prosumer market such as medium to large companies.

Features available on Semrush

All the package are divided into 4 parts. Which are;

  1. Analytics
  2. Projects
  3. Reporting
  4. User Management

Some term used are difficult to understand. The only reason to this is that Semrush keyword tool is more focus to SEO experts.


Below are some brief description of the tools that are provided and ways you can use it for your business.

Organic research tool

This tool can narrow your time to search for your real competitors. The best way to get ranked in the SERPs you will need to see. Just by typing one keyword you will be able to see how the top ranking using this tool.

You could also find untapped keyword, which can be gold mine for business.


Advertising Research Tool

When are good at selling you know that very few people are good at converting cold traffic. You have to put most of the work to enable the visitor to convert.

When using this tool you can steal your competitors advertising strategy and their budgets.

You can really do in depth to see what is making them click and which sales copy is being converted the most.


Keyword difficulty Tool

By now you should have some basic insight of how keywords and website are important. It is a must for an online business to thrive.

The more traffic the better performance vice-versa.Semrush Keyword Difficulty Tool

Everyone goes into hot niche nowadays. Bitcoin is one famous example. Targeting too general keyword will not drive much traffic to your website.

Instead, you should try a different approach use keyword to target a much lower audience. You will has a better chance of ranking.

That is where the keyword difficulty tool will surely help. It will should you which are ranking from highest to the lowest.


With all the metrics available the report tool will help to put all the metrics in a PDF format. From there you can compare and contrast what is happening. That will help to take the appropriate actions needed toward a specific goal.



Think of it like a dashboard where you can see all your important metrics for your website.


Site Audit

Motoring your online business health is crucial. It can help you find where the leaks are and therefore you will be able to prioritize what need to be dealt first. With the help of the SEO analysis tool your online business is in the right hand.

When have an online business or you are a bloggers you understand that the only way to know is to check using some tools.

So popular tools such as Google speed Insight shows what is slowing down your website.

SEO analytic tool displays everything on the dashboard and you will be more focused.


Social Media Tracker/Poster

Every great business has a long list of followers on social media. The Social Media Tracker Tool can help you to plan a social media strategy and improvise accordingly.

Semrush Social Media Poster

Being a business owner you need a social media presence. You need to constantly nurture relationship with them to keep from wandering.

By scheduling content in advance you ensure your post is published on the set deadline. The online followers will be waiting to consume your content.

It also comes with built in analytics to have an understanding how your social media strategy is performing.


On Page SEO checker

It can really be hard to check every time if you done the SEO of a blog post. Sometime if you miss a thing or two it is your website traffic that will be affected the most.

Not only this tool will help you do the SEO part of the job for you. But it also gives you suggestion to ensure you will get the top data for ranking.


Backlink Audit Tool

Every website uses some sort of back link now and then. Backlinking is when a website drive his visitors to another website. The more reliable the website link the better the quality vice versa.

But if you are driving you visitors to website that are blacklisted by Google, your website also get the penalty of losing the website rank. In the worst case scenario your website will not be indexed in the search engine.

This back linking tool will help you to check if there are any potential malicious links.

Most large business owner will find it helpful because no one has the time to see if every link are working or is blacklisted.



Semrush uses email and phone for support. I was a bit surprise that they do not have live chat.

My Conclusion

Semrush is the excellent tool but for SEO expert. With all the tool mentioned it will be easy for SEO expert to use. The amount of tools is a bit complex for an average user. This tool is more focused on professional handling. For a much lower price I will recommend Jaaxy keyword tool. Without reducing any quality. When find this information useful please consider sharing. When ever use this keyword tool or any other please share your experience.


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  1. Sheikave; thank you for your detailed information on Semrush Keyword Tool. I do not have a lot of information on Semrush before I read your post however, I have learned a lot today. Yes. I believed that using keywords is the way going forward with a sustainable business online. Am I to understand that Jaaxy is parallel in keyword to Semrush apart from the price? However, you really want to know if better keywords service is available? DorcasW

    1. I will not say it is parallel but the 2 products are suited for 2 different kind of market. One the regular like you and me and the professional like the SEO specialist. Thank you for commenting DorcasW

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