How To Stop Unwanted Silent Scam Phone Calls



How To Stop Unwanted Silent Scam Phone Calls

From the moment we wake up we are constantly in a rush. Very often filled with frustration, when something unexpected such as a random phone call is enough to make us feel overwhelmed. However on rare occasions on the other end of the phone is usually not someone you know in particular. Especially when it is a silent call we can go crazy the whole day. But when there is a silent call you need to careful what you say if there is a scammer calling you. We are going to talk more about silent scam phone calls and how to prevent it.

How does a silent call occur?

This work bit like IRS scam that we did talk about, I will suggest you to read the blog post in which we really talked about how people get scammed by lying to them about not paying their IRS Tax. We all at least once got a wrong phone call. But the silent call it just different.

They are really good at tricking people to pay them for their services. It may vary from people to people. Let’s say you wanted to use a pirated software which many of us do. The website normally have many pop-up, some of my favorite is that you win an iPhone, which can intrigue online visitors to click through.

Most of the time the robot phone dialed phone numbers until someone takes the phone. hopefully to get a person at the end.

Modus operandi of slient phone calls scammers

The previous blog post was about IRS scammer blog post, you will eventually find it a bit similar. The IRS scammers focus only to scam people tax. But in this website there is a lot coverage because of the so called different services they do offer.

Below are how they operate on a day to day basis. They use the internet to phone people because it is dirty cheap and very easy to set up. The previous blog post think they personally phone numbers it will take light year time to be able to get people online. The device is called a robot phones or robocalls, that is the name they use to called it, perfect tool for scam phone calls.


The daily routine of the silent call scammers

The robot phone work a bit like a predictive dialer, very poor one(remember it is dirty cheap). It is used to outsource the process of having to phone thousands of calls every day.

The device will either randomly call a 10 digit number until they get a real person. Or uses resources such as phone books or yellow page.

Silent Phone Call Scams
Silent Phone Call Scams

Then a recorded voice will prompt you one question to make sure a real person is on the phone.

If it does in this case, the phone will be directed to the scammer which will offer some services in exchange of money.

Normally the conversation is recorded and used against you in case they did get caught. They will tell that you did accept to pay from some service.

Remember your “yes” in the start of the conversation. Having no proof to prove your innocence, they will be set free. You know the rest what they will do after they are released.

From what I can recall is that one of my friend did get the silent call. He was tricked when asking to some survey about Facebook.

Unfortunately for him he eat up all his phone prepaid credit, cannot say how but it does have some similarities.

From the authorities the call appear to be from Congo, which I bet it was spoofed.

Ways to prevent the silent phone calls

After this much information about them you can really think of outsmarting them. That is fun but I will restrain you from doing it. There are several reason why.

To start with when you pick up the phone and start having conversation with the goal to confuse the scammer. You phone number just jump in value because you just did the human proof test.

The scammer if not successful can trade all the phone numbers which they were not able to deceive to other scammers.

In doing so they will have better chance on getting of hitting a real person. Do not try to outsmart them. It will change from people to people just to annoy you.

Just hang up it just as simple as that. The call will not be counted as human proof so you did yourself a huge favor in doing so and not fall in the trap of scam phone calls.

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