How to protect yourself from online dating scams

Online Dating Scams

Online dating scams how to protect yourself

It is in the every human nature the need to be loved and cared. We can now communicate with everyone virtually with our smartphone and the power of the internet. Various social media such as Facebook and Tinder will surely come to your mind. The perk is that the other person on the other end may not be the one you think it is. It is a fact, it is much easier to create a fake profile online to fools some not so lucky one. We are going to talk how these poor people get scammed. Moreover some smart ways you could protect yourself from being a victim of dating scams.

Why do people use dating sites

On my previous blog post where we talked about phone scams and why you should not outsmart them. One of the perspective we are going to see today is the dating world.This is simple to explain.

First let me ask you a question where is the best place to meet people. Marriage, events, party, club the list goes on. For this you need to go dress up, grooming before going to these places.

You need to be physically there so that you can look for the type of folks you are into. It limits you chance to get a date with someone as you can only be at one place at a time. You also will have to communicate with people to see if it reciprocates. You will need to put some amount of effort and you can only meet a limited about of people before you get exhausted.

This is a perfect example where using the help of a dating site you can drastically increase your chance of having a match.

Reasons why scammers choose dating sitesWarning sign against online dating scams

One of the main reason scammers choose dating site as their base is that they understands all the people that join to the site.

By giving them what they want and what they want to hear it can be a sure bet to make them convinced to give their money.

Connecting with people on an emotional level take time but as soon as they gained their trust you are probably screwed. The scammers do all this effort in order to build trust.

This can happened in a lot of ways. Some which are based by psychology. If you talk to a person for a long time you will eventually reveal a bit more than your friend usually know. The chances increase drastically if you are attracted to the person.

It will be a matter of time when scammers can tell you are vulnerable, it is only then they can safely assume they can extract the money on demand.

Then you know how they will make you believe that they are facing some hardship and the only way to solve it is by money.

When you see this kind of typical behavior you know you are on the way of getting scammed so take a little breath.

All the scammers unfortunately for them uses the same tactics over and over again. Their strategy are still the same at the time of writing. You can get ahead of the dating scams with the information provided on this blog post.

Popular dating site in 2017

Being informed about the online dating world a big, it makes complete sense to have a look on popular dating sites.

  2. Elite Single
  3. Zoosk
  4. eHarmony
  5. ChristianMingle
  7. BlackPeopleMeet
  8. SeniorPeopleMeet
  9. BeNaughty

From the list above you can see that all of them target different age of people, which according to me is very purposeful.

The age gap is acceptable in all the list above. I guess this is the main reason why these dating site are popular. One of the thing which I feel wrong about is the faith based dating site. You are attracted to a person not someone with similar faith as your.

Now that you are informed about the online dating scams see how they operate on dating website.

Top Signs you are dealing with a scammer in disguised

When reading this blog post in the start do you remember that scammers do leave so clues that you can pick up toWarning sign against online dating scams check if he is an authentic one. Among all of what you have heard about them the main reason about why they leave clues. They need to constantly build fake dating profiles to that they can extend their reach.

  1. Look at his profile picture, if the picture look attractive and comparable to models that is having no defects at all. This can be an indication that it was photo shopped. The only way to make sure is that the profile is fake is by using Google Chrome browser right click on the image and then select facial recognition. You will be able to see if the picture was taken from the internet or not.
  2. Talking on the phone, some scammers choose to use the phone to convince their victim that it is a real person that is talking. Listen attentively how he talks you will be surprised because the accent does not meet the country of origin apparently on his profile.
  3. Reading Emails or Messages, Typically on each fake profile that they are from universities or doctors. However, the message they are sending have too many errors which make it even harder to swallow where they came from.
  4. Look when they were last online, when they told that they go abroad and will not be able to contact you. But when you look at the last time they were online is quite suspicious. They are not talking to you yet they were online for a few hours. You should check these signs before you are scammed.
  5. Instant love, the scammers usually confess their “feeling” too quickly. This can be very costly if they are targeting vulnerable people. People do connect to someone so fast it is impossible. These tactics are great to lower someone guards.
  6. Asking for money, if the person is asking for money it is a red flag. You should stop these kinds of relationship as they will try to find creative ways to make you feel guilty of not handing the money to them.
  7. Avoiding Phone Conversation; the scammers prefer text messages more the phone calls. You can get caught by several factors. The scammers are usually not from they claim to be. Their accent, phrase manipulation and grammar are at risk. No one can talk a better English than a British. In case their accent are not from places they claim to be end the relationship right there.
  8. Asking for personal information,  We are taught in school to not reveal much to strangers. When someone persist on knowing your financial information. It is a clear sign where they are actually interested. Be wary of such behavior if you encounter one.

My honest opinion about dating scams

The advice given from above is very valuable in helping you to avoid dating scams. You can safely assume that you have the right information to deal with the scammers. The best ways is to create meaningful relationship is not through virtual means. Rather, it should be face to face meeting where you can meet and connect with them. Many people are so focus on their smartphone that they forget the dating etiquette and to communicate as a human being. Don’t be that fool and fell in the trap of dating scams.

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2 thoughts on “How to protect yourself from online dating scams”

  1. Despite many headlines that people being scammed by so call “online sweet heart”, there are still many people fall into this scam. Many of these victims are highly educated professionals so I guess the old cliche of love is blind has some truth in it.

    Your top signs on spotting scam dter are very useful and hope that more people can read your post to avoid being scamed.

    1. I totally are with you Januesk. They are professional in their field yet they somehow fall in the trap. They completely understand human psychology that is why they thieve and still exist.

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