How to get organic traffic to your website

Learn how to drive organic traffic to your website


How to improve organic traffic to your website

There are many who are new to blogging. They tend to find shortcuts to get visitors through their website. Thus falling in the so many scams such as online gurus or pay a price to learn how to do it. Which in fact is very doable and not require any type of specialized technical knowledge. Today I am going to show you different ways you can drive more traffic to your website.

What is organic traffic?

First of all let me explain in whole how does thing work. Luckily it is very simple to understand.

According to Wikipedia, an organic search is the process where an online user uses search engines to find some information about some specific topic.increase organic traffic

Most of you do have a smartphone at all time. Whenever you type in the search box it is a query that the search engine will use. For example “How to tie a tie?” That is a very common thing that at least once in our lifetime.

We do not dress with a suit every saturday. Except on special events.

So in the case above the query “How to tie a tie?” is searched on the current search engine. The search engine job is to check if there is any indexed website with that matched query. If so it will do a filter on page rank.

An organic traffic is the process where an online visitor search about some information using the search engine. Then if your website shows up for that specific query and the visitor go to website it is counted as one organic traffic.

How to get ranked on search engines?

The algorithm of Google changes constantly from now and then. But luckily they left some clues to be able to rank on the first page, the search engines have a specific set of rules such as website loading time, mobile responsiveness, engagement and a few rules more.

You should see below as a rough guide so that you can have some insight on how your website is ranked;

  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • User Engagement
  • Website loading time
  • UX [User experience]

Mobile Responsiveness

If you observe the trend in the last past decade about web traffic, there desktop was dominating every time. Until mobile phone was introduced. The arrival of smartphones is main reason why mobile traffic dominate website traffic.

Web developers and engineers build web technologies.They can tap into that unused mobile traffic to their own advantages.

Most important technology and which have recently been introduced is the AMP project. Where your website could load under 3 seconds if you abide by the guidelines. Fortunately if you can have 90% it right you are on track. If you are not good at coding and have some money aside you could hire someone online to fix the issue.


User Engagement

It is an important factor that Google consider when ranking website. A website with no comments is like facebook without comment.Increase traffic to your blog.


Comments are what Google look for a website. From Google point of view a comment show that the website contain information that the visitor was searching for.

The comments purpose will be to support the content for that website. The more comments the website get the bigger the authority the website get in terms of ranking position.

The comments must give value for the website. A good comment is about a paragraph long sometimes shorter, but you get the point.

Website loading time

Remember the last time you was on the internet and your browser was taking some time loading. You immediately closed the tab right. You are not alone everyone hates slow loading website.

Google penalize slow website by giving it lower rank on search engines.

Imagine you owns a traditional brick and mortar and you get no customers. Your business is dead. No one want to fail.

The same apply to the online world’s every website owner is targeting for the faster and better website loading time.

More often they do it by using premium themes, moving to a managed WordPress hosting, or if they are skilled create their own version of responsive theme(s).

UX [User experience]

The way your website structure is build can play quite an important role in getting more online visitors.

The website navigation can determined if he will stay or not.

You need to ensure that anyone on your website can navigate with ease, which will reduce bounce rate and improve your metrics.

There are no real tips for this except to keep it as simple as possible, so that you can ensure the process is smooth as possible.

Where are the traffic sources?

Now that you have some knowledge about how Google rank your website. We are going to talk about where are the traffic sources.

If you are a experienced online marketer you know that we cannot create traffic sources.

They are already online your job is to find them. It is very simple trick.

It is purely psychological. Everyone have some kind of interest or passion for something. Or maybe they are relentlessly trying to solve a problem.

A diabetic patient who want to control its glucose level will gravitate more around health related stuff on the internet.

The same thing will happen to a gym freak who is everywhere on health and fitness themes blog.

So to put it simple every online user will be on places they are interested into.

There is no exception for social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and much more. The online visitor will surely be there if they are interested.

Organic search and you mailing list can also count as a source of traffic. But in this case of organic search the visitor found you and for the mailing list they allow permission to contact them.

Not to forgot the Ads are considered a great traffic generator, works best if you know how to convert them.


How to drive traffic to your website?

There are several ways to drive traffic to your website. It will require some preliminary work but it is worth it. I will tell you 2 ways you can do it.

Do you know what the 80/20 rule is about. 80% of what happen is directly related to 20% of actions.

The first one is in your mailing list. Whenever you try someone subscribe to your mailing list you should have some email follow up to keep the subscriber interested.

Every time you send out mail do not promote a product you will lose your credibility instead educate and promote. Of course using the 80/20 rule.

Advertizing is the second way of doing it. Don’t be that stupid to link directly to sales page instead educate them about the products and ask them to join your mailing list if they want to, give them value.

Your chances of getting a subscriber to a customer will dramatically increases.

There are also several ways to drive traffic to your website. The example given is enough for you to understand the process.

You can get creative any make your own way to drive them to your website.

If you really like that blog post please share it to your friends. Comment below if you have any experience with driving traffic.


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