How to build your own niche website

How to build your own niche website


How to build a niche website

If you ever want to have an online presence sooner or later you will decide how to have your own website. There are many perks of having a website people from different corner of the globe can have their own. Some for fun and some for business purposes. It can be a great way to tell people your stories or promote your brand to the world’s. We are going to focus more on how to build a niche website.

What Is A Niche?


A website is only alive when there is traffic coming to it. There are many so-called gurus that will sell unproven methods and scam you. So only read from a reliable sources or check for its authenticity.

Before planning to build a website you must first think of its purpose. It can be anything. Blogging, business website, e-commerce to build an niche website

For visitors to come to your website you should make some research about what type of people you want to come to your website and in what they are most interested into.

The specific type of online visitors that you are trying target is called a niche.

So if you understand it well then a niche website is one which target a specific type of audience to your website.

Importance of a niche website?


You could start a broad website but it will be worthless because your website is like a ping-pong ball being tossed every way possible.

It will not be sustainable in the long run. Even big website like Wired or Entrepreneur at first glance look to have wide range of topics. But the are to a max of around 6 categories.

See how to build a website under 30s

When you build a niche website you will be able to focus on only a few things. Filtering the most important one will more likely make your website more successful.

Where you can find a niche for your website?


Keyword research is a popular method used by many bloggers. When an online visitor is searching for a specific piece of information or how to solve a problem. The first reaction is to do a google search.

What the visitor type is crucial. The query in the search box is the only way for Google to know if your website will be relevant or not. By comparing the search term and the word in your website search engines will rank your website position accordingly to different criteria after the panda update.

That is where the term keywords came from, it helps in getting visitors to come to your website through search engines.

SEO is a term that is commonly related to this topic as its name implies is that Search Engine Optimization.

Leveraging the power of social media


Most of the time your online audience surely will be connected in the social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and much more.

Most of the time they will be interested or even better be a member of some groups. So if you know in advance where they will the faster you will be able to drive a part of the traffic to your website.

Below are some example that you can replicate so that you will be able to drive traffic to your own website.Social media how to build a niche website

Most of the time the Facebook users are in at least some sort of group. In facts there can be millions of it. Doing a simple search in Facebook will be enough for you get a first look about what the group is about their like dislike problems.

If you note down you can assess if the group is large enough for you to consider in the list of niche groups.

Then after careful planning and your ads variation you will be ready to rock and rolls.

Every social media platform work the same way, with some minor changes but the most important thing is that you get the point.

Do you need to be specific about any niche


The more specific you can be to a niche it will be better for you in the long run. Obviously it will take some time to learn about a specific niche. The precise you can be the better you can hit the target over and over again.

As you learn about more when joining the online community you will be able slowly learn the hidden problem that they face and then monetize it by driving them to your website.

It won’t happen on the first time your ads goes live especially if you are novice.

But the more time you invest in a problem you will find creative ways to solve it. From then, you will be able to build trust with the audience by providing them quality content to their group.

Also, if you stick with a specific niche you will be able get enough data of what your ideal customer is that you can target on the other platform.

Amplifying your knowledge to make money online

With all that being told to you in this blog post you now have a clear mind about how to start a niche website. The research part will take a huge chunk of your time. But at the end of the process you will have a lot more data about your perfect customers and where they are on the social media.Make money online how to build your own website

Novice one will find this little piece of information very important in learning how to find traffic and drive it to their website. It will be a slow learning curve but you will eventually have a better understanding now on.

What we did not cover on this blog post is how organic search work. So for the next time there will be a blog post on this topic.

The best part about organic traffic is that once you are at a competitive level you will be able to drive traffic on all type of platform at will. So if you frustrated now about how to make this work, it is the learning process.

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