How to avoid online credit card fraud in 2017

Tips on how to avoid credit card fraud in 2017

How to avoid online credit card fraud in 2017

The digital world has made our life simple compared to previous generation. Everything happens in a click. We are all connected online 24/7. The internet is an important part of our life. Seeing the potential of the online world’s many marketers harness the power of the internet to advertise the products to potential customers.

So we need a kind of system where we can buy online. Credit card is the most used among the users. It makes sure the transaction is made securely. But sometimes criminals find creative ways to gain unauthorized access to it. Today topic is on how to avoid online credit card fraud so that you can rest reassure that buying online is safe.

Facts about online credit card fraud in 2017

On my last blog post was on dating scams, which a kind of online fraud where people are scammed. Most of the time is happen on social media.

Which countries were most affected in recent years

In the last 5 years 46% of American were victim of online credit card fraud. This is the 3rd most affected country.

Avoid Online Credit Card Fraud

To have a better understanding below are the top 10 most affected countries on online credit frauds;

  1. Mexico

  2. Brazil

  3. USA

  4. Australia

  5. India

  6. Singapore

  7. Canada

  8. South Africa

  9. France

  10. UK

The list goes on but to summarize you need to realize that every day there are millions of people credit cards details that are being at risk.

How did the scammers have contact with them?

There are 3 main ways the scammers choose to bait their victim. The moment bite it can be a matter of time before you will realize you got a hole in your pocket. Most of the ways are commonly used by the victim such as;

You should stay away for any suspecting means of communication that seems shady.

You give them the opportunity to figure out you are a real person. They add different strategies so that they can fly under the radar.

How can someone be victim of online credit card scam?

I already discussed about identity theft which you can find more on this blog post. Lost card can also be a big problem.

The number on the credit card are valuable because it is a legit one and it has some information such as the name of the holder and the expiry data. These informations are enough for making an online purchase.

From a criminal perspective they just need to clone the card with a new pin and voilà they are at the mercy of the criminal.

Telemarketing fraud can also be used to have access to the credit card information by tricking people that they come from a reputable company that are trying to sell useless crap.

Which age group are mostly affected by online credit fraud?

For this most of you should have guessed old people. It is not their fault by the way. Before technology took place they live a simple life no internet or social media. The arrival of technology came they had to manage to fit in the new kind of lifestyle.

Most of them will reluctant to use it. Only when the need arise to buy an awesome product which they saw on their email box.

Only to find out they got scammed. That is one way which they can get scammed. Now imagine how many tactics can be developed based on this story.

People who are over 40 should be more careful because on this age range that most people got victimized.

The table below shows you the complaint by age group;

Age Range

Percentage complains











The shows even young people are also scammed but the percentage is much lower compared to older people.

The only possible reason for this rise they are not aware of the possible dangers of online frauds. Some of which are on the younger 20-29 age range are aware that is why the lower percentage of complaint on this age range.

Percentage of cardholders that was affected country wise

The numbers are scary some countries over one-third of the cardholders were victim of credit card fraud.


Percentage Of Cardholders Affected















South Africa






The table give you enough information so that you can have an idea how some countries are positioned.

Last year credit card holders lost more than 16 billions dollar in online credit frauds.

Top Ways You Can Avoid Getting Your Credit Card Scammed

As you read through the post you are getting more insight of how you can get online fraud. Things like telephone scams, identity theft, IRS impostors and more. All these are already discussed in earlier blog posts.

Buy only from reputable website

Everyone know the feeling when you make your first online purchase. Mixed emotion for sure, but not every time. You should buy only from website that have SSL certificate.

Online visitors feels safer when the visit secure website. It is very simple to distinguish. All secure website have a padlock and start with https://. From now on you when you see these signs you know it is a green flag.

Use a good antivirus

Sometime we tend to overlook the good practice of using a desktop PC. Every Windows users knows the importance of a good antivirus program. It is you first line of defense if some shady script start running in the avoiding credit card fraud

Mac users can feel safe when surfing online. The iOS environment are also good in protecting against online credit cards scams. Always have the good practice of safe browsing you will enjoy a better experience online.

There come the smartphones users, almost all of them have security features build-in to avoid frauds. Recent technologies such as fingerprint scanner are a great way to makes sure only the owner have access to the devices. As a tips never uses hacked apps they tend to come with some malwares.

Have the habit of building strong password

We all are sometime guilty of the fact that we are in such a rush of let’s say proceeding to checkout that you will be your biggest mistake. Never be in a rush when creating a password. As a rule it should contain 2 big letters and 2 special characters. Never include personal information in password it can turn to your disadvantage in the to avoid scam online

Use virtual credit cards

The greatest point of using a virtual credit card is that is add another layer of protection to your online purchase. Basically it can be considered a fake credit card but you will be able to make online purchase. The merchants will charge you as if you are using a real credit card.

The only thing they cannot have access to is your credit card information. Therefore your personal information will be kept hidden from prying eyes.

This can help in preventing you from online credit card fraud. In the best scenario if ever the scammer did have the information about you. Only the amount debited will be removed.

Check your monthly statement

Most of the time we keep it in a corner. But you will need to change that habit. Let’s put it on a scammers perspective. The first time he will scam you, you did not take any action(checking your monthly statement). From time to time he will continue to remove money from your account until you get a notice from the bank remind you for the debt.

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  1. I’m always buying things online because it’s easy and you can find exactly what you’re looking for. I’ve seen on the news from time to time about companies being hacked but never thought much of it.

    After reading your article, I’m definitely going to start taking more precautions and be more careful where I share my credit card info. I didn’t realize 46% of Americans were hacked. That’s unbelievable!

    Thanks for a great article!


    1. We always thinks the internet is safe until we are the one that got victim of online credit card fraud. The worst part is that due to bad practice for a long time.

      We as online users browse through several website each day. The day we realized that we got scammed it is near impossible to remember what website you were on.

      So better take advice from my blog post so you can have safe browsing habit. Thank you for reading my blog post.

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