How prevent from being a victim of fake apps

How To Avoid Fake Apps

How prevent from being a victim of fake apps

If you have not read my previous blog post about credit card fraud I encourage  you do so. I bet apps have made our life easier. They were designed to make our life simpler. This is not a long age battle of iOS vs Android. The moment we wake up most of us are already using an app. Most of us uses it daily yet it we are not much aware about it. Most important the dangers and risk of using them. You might be laughing but if an app security is compromised then all your information including bank details, your ID number transaction details and much more.

how to detect fake apps

What is a fake app

A fake app as its name implies is fake one. Your natural response will be about how a fake app is different from the original one.

The original one is we all download on specialized store. For android device on Google Play Store and for iOS Apple Apps Store.

You can consider them legit apps. When a new app is being uploaded in the store it is monitored and the codes are review before approval.

That is the reason your never heard of apps that are downloaded from it being malicious.

Dangers of using fake apps

The legit apps use codes that are intended to work as it should. However fake apps have some other codes that can make your phone vulnerable to hackers.

Upon downloaded it can be use for different purpose. It all depend on for the one who coded the program.

Spying on your activity, accessing your private messages, photos and video, personal data and most importantly financial credentials.

It can be use against your for several purposes. Blackmailing is what come to my mind. There are other ways the hackers can use the information gathered when using fake apps.

The possibilities are endless. So your better guard yourself from using these kinds of apps, it will hurt your in the future.

One humiliating ways are to upload explicit photos and videos of the victim online.

At the time the victim realize it was him the wrong has already been done.

Hot news like a celebrity account got hacked is not new. However, the were victim of targeted attacks.

How do people download fake apps

One of the ways people do fall in the trap is by downloading the apps from unreliable sources. By doing this it is a sure way to get into trouble.

Most apps do not have any sort of authentication as told, before your are risking your confidential data.

Most of the time they try to get hacked apk files, someone uses Android device for example. They try to get a paid version of apps free.

Why would someone give it free, think of it as the monetization strategy of the hackers. They also have bills to pay but it is unethical and your will be a complete fool if your fall in the trap.

Also, there are some shady websites that promote apps, most of the time the apps will use the resources on your devices or steal your financial credentials.

How to protect yourself from fake apps

Luckily this blog post will show your need to avoid so that your can stay safe using your smartphone.

  • Be wary excessive Ads pop up. Normally some free app version have ads pop up or even games are that downloaded on the app store. But they have most ads pop up. We can understand it is part of the promotion game. Fake apps tend to go overboard with ads, they just want conversion not user experience, compared to the legit one.
  • If your notice the apps UX(short-term for user experience) is lacking it is red flag. Details like misspelling, misaligned boxes and much more. If your put some effort soon your can pinpoint if it is a legit one or not.
  • Check for online review. This can be a sure way to know if the app is a scam or not. This is undoubtedly the best way for your to check if the app is legitimate. People will “shout” online if there is a reason.
  • Check the apps support website and the developers. You can know a lot about them how real and helpful they are.
  • Check numbers of download great apps have normally a high rate of download.
  • Look carefully at the logo. Fake apps are built cheaply, so they the logo the interface can be a great indicating cause.
  • Look for review rating. Every app I have use have all sort of reviews. From no star to 5 star review. Fake apps have only 5 star rating which may bring some questions.
  • Short reviews. Paid 5 star review are short and unclear of how the apps help them. Legit apps have the long description of how it helped its users and give the human touch.
  • Download apps from reliable sources like Play Store and App Store. Apps that are downloaded there are safe to use.
  • Always make sure that your check the “Do not allow third-party apps on my phone.” Make sure that even if your are installing apps other than your store your will be prompt to your setting.

My Opinion

We all use smartphone in today’s digital age. Android and iOS do not make any difference when it comes to installing fake apps in your device. There are also power user that can manage to install 3rd party apps. This type of people enjoy freedom, so they have root access. You can do crazy thing on rooted phones but outside the normal people usage. Applying these tips in your daily habit will cut your risk considerably. If your like this post or have some experience with fake apps please comment below.

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