Understanding bitcoin basics and its alternatives


We’ve seen it everywhere. Across all social media. like the new gold rush. It depends on how much you know about it. In this blog post, I am going to talk more about bitcoins, technologies, block chains technology and much more. If you are following this, you know that there was an increase in the price of bitcoin then a massive drop. Well everyone said cryptocurrency it a highly volatile market. Don’t be surprised when from a Greek god you become broke.

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How to get organic traffic to your website


How to improve organic traffic to your website

There are many who are new to blogging. They tend to find shortcuts to get visitors through their website. Thus falling in the so many scams such as online gurus or pay a price to learn how to do it. Which in fact is very doable Continue reading “How to get organic traffic to your website”

How to build your own niche website


How to build a niche website

If you ever want to have an online presence sooner or later you will decide how to have your own website. There are many perks of having a website people from different corner of the globe can have their own. Some for fun and some for business purposes. It can be a great way to tell people your Continue reading “How to build your own niche website”

Tips on how avoid getting scammed using fake vouchers

How to prevent being scammed using fake vouchers

It has been through all the places offline or online vouchers. It is great when we have the chance to get these vouchers. We could use it to get some products of value mentioned. The online world is the same but in a unique Continue reading “Tips on how avoid getting scammed using fake vouchers”

How prevent from being a victim of fake apps

How prevent from being a victim of fake apps

If you have not read my previous blog post about credit card fraud I encourage  you do so. I bet apps have made our life easier. They were designed to make our life simpler. This is not a long age battle of iOS vs Android. The moment we wake up most of us are already using an app. Most of us uses it daily yet it we are not much aware about it. Most important the dangers and risk of using them. You might be laughing but if an app security is compromised then all your information including bank details, your ID number transaction details and much more.

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