Side Hustle

Side Hustle

There are people who want an additional stream of income most of them are in a kind of side hustle. This is possible with the internet as you get massive leverage which was not possible a decade before. The internet has reached his peak. The one who is abusing it [in a good way] is making a good amount of money are getting the piece of the pie. The remaining one is left behind in their job. As a matter of fact, most people hate their job but they cling to it because they got bills to pay.

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How to publish a kindle book


How to publish a kindle book

Many people are still clueless about how to publish a book in 2018. There is a tool Amazon created to help regular people like you and us to publish books. This is possible only when the right technology is built. No more trying to beg publishers to get your book published, with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

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How can SEO affect your business?

There is a constant ranging war online that most of you had mostly heard of, SEO. Technically it is not a war but more of a competition between business owners. Who will rank on the first page of the search engine? The best SEO practitioners are paid millions because it is a skill that is constantly updating. Therefore the big bucks are here as the highest bidders win.

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Understanding bitcoin basics and its alternatives


We’ve seen it everywhere. Across all social media. like the new gold rush. It depends on how much you know about it. In this blog post, I am going to talk more about bitcoins, technologies, block chains technology and much more. If you are following this, you know that there was an increase in the price of bitcoin then a massive drop. Well everyone said cryptocurrency it a highly volatile market. Don’t be surprised when from a Greek god you become broke.

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How to get organic traffic to your website


How to improve organic traffic to your website

There are many who are new to blogging. They tend to find shortcuts to get visitors through their website. Thus falling in the so many scams such as online gurus or pay a price to learn how to do it. Which in fact is very doable Continue reading “How to get organic traffic to your website”