Getting started

Have you ever find out how to generate money online?

let’s be serious, frankly tell me how many of you have searched at least once how to generate money online. Most of you searched for it but with not so much success. Mainly because most of you must have landed around SCAMMERS.

I was also fallen into the trap, but that was the beginning of my search for a legitimate way of making money online. through continuous search, I was able to identify the patterns. Well, you may ask me about what pattern I am talking about. it was the pattern of the scammers.

Like some random Joe’s found the ultimate make money button. Very often appeared in videos with supercars and hot girls on a bikini, assuming he makes millions per day with his shiny make money button, claiming founding some loophole of some sort.


I Want To Show You Guys, the real way to make money online

Many times I was very disappointed by the fact that I paid for nothing some weird pdf files with only bullet points and they also have more offer along the road by these people. I ‘m sure that also you all have some common experience related to mine.

I want you to think about why there are some who have success online but some not. Sure you must have read stories about young College students making 7 figures online, only reading these stories sure it does motivate us. but then ready to start pumping. Only then you realize that you still haven’t found and point A. You may try different tactics and strategies that will lead to nowhere, you quit most of you.

Well, I’m not pointing fingers at anyone right now and it was not your fault either. if you had someone to guide you and orient you as the wave move do you think you will still fail. No of course not! Some of you will still fail you know why here below is a list;



  • lack of confidence in themselves
  • They are afraid to invest money
  • They take advice from wrong people
  • They don’t focus on one thing
  • Fear of failure
  • Having negative mindset
  • Not committing to improve
  • Not having predefined goals in life
  • Giving up

If you fall in the about you have to change, think of what you are passionate about anything it might be thinking of it like playing a game, what happened if you died on any game you want. Your quit, no you play, again and again, change strategy, tactics and continue until you win. You have to have a gamer’s mindset in order to win in any category in life if a failure has not taught you anything you won’t get better.

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