Building a website – A not so complex way of doing it the right way

How many of you guys did you ever tried to build a website or had the idea of blogging? Well before I ever had the thought of building a website I tried to study HTML and CSS. I was able to understand the syntax of what it was pretty easy and all was in a specific format and I have a computer programming background. Unfortunately, it will take me time to have a full grasp of how it works. So I did not try any further in learning these. The same applies to you. With what I am going to show to it will be easy to build a website.

Beware of shiny object syndrome

But later on, I have found that there are other alternative free and paid. Fortunately, I found many, but need some time to learn them properly.


So I have tried across different platform but all I did was not learning. Later I found that is was like a disease which is mainly called Shiny Object Syndrome. What this does is that you are easily distracted, the hottest trend. The hottest trend now is probably bitcoin. To be good at any field you will need to put time and effort.


There are several methods of making money which some people may not have realised it yet. The easiest way of the least path of resistance is often easily overcrowded in the few years to come.


I needed to remain in focus. It was worthless to jump around like a rabbit after a carrot. Then the result appeared. The conclusion was simple website builder.


Where to find a good website builder

Every hosting provider I know provides website builder to their customers. They make it so easy to build a website that it is hard to resist the temptation.


Even if you do some research on your own there will be some gaps where you will not be able to find the right one for.


Do not fall into the trap where you goes with the cheapest hosting provider you find. The reason is the lower the price the lower the quality of the hosting provider.


On this blog post, you can have the insight of how the cost of a hosting provider can affect your business in the future.


There is some scenario where it can be scary.


Your online business is booming then after one year you decided to change your website theme.


Imagine you now have the right website theme and you are just you try out the look of what it look like. When you try to log to your website it is down.


When you contacted your hosting providers they told you they do not offer backups. I believe no one want that happen with his online business.


You need to find the right balance between the price and overall quality.


Signs of a good hosting provider

Now that you know you do not want to experience this chaos. Using some key points you will be able to pinpoint the good from the bad.


Below are the list of what you should look when picking the right hosting provider;


  1. Website Backup
  2. Responsive Assistance
  3. WordPress managed
  4. Mobile optimized


Having these 4 options can go a long ways although it will be a bit pricey. The investment will be worth it.


Which website builder is right for you

Most people who are trying to build a business are not tech savvy or have some skills in programming. If that is your case then you also can build your own website. There are many website builders in the market.


Most of them have different upsells. More So if you are just starting out in your entrepreneurial journey then you are in good hands.


Website builders are build so that even a non savvy person can build website only with a few clicks.


The majority of website builders are more focused toward medium to enterprise level company. For e.g ecommerce website builders like Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce etc.


Price tag is also quite high as a result of different upsells as explained previously.


The website builder that I will recommend is SiteRubix platform.


SiteRubix is a platform that was created by Wealthy Affiliate[Wealthy Affiliate for short].


Why SiteRubix is right for your online business

Unlike other domain hosting providers where you will be charged for every option you choose, at WA you will charged for only when you purchase your domain name.

SiteRubix vs Other hosting Providers

As you can see you get everything at such a competitive price. The is no compromise at WA. All in one package no up-sell.

You can use the plugin below to build your website for free without credit card information.



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