How does payment gateway works


How does payment gateway work

Back in the day where the internet was not so common is was rather difficult to do online transaction because of the fact that that the technology like payment gateway was non-existent. Not until now was making an online transaction that easy. Most of the people that get the most of it are the one who runs e-commerce business, just by allowing online transaction like a credit card through their website they are able to make more sales as a result. We are going to talk more about how the payment gateway in details.

What is a payment gateway

In a simple word is a way of accepting the financial transaction. Security has always been an issue when accepting the financial transaction. That is the reason why accepting encrypted and secure method like credit card and cryptocurrencies make a whole lot of sense.

This one core functionality of any business that wants to be successful is to be good at financial money. Thanks to smart tech companies that help in providing better help with technologies, a platform like Quickbook helps a lot as an online accountant.

There is a lot of great information about payment gateway on Wikipedia.

Benefits of having a payment gateway

There are many people that will benefit from them and most of them tends to gravitate in the online world. One of the most common payment gateways is PayPal.Payment Gateway

For example for a typical brick and mortar business, it is far more common to deal with hard cash money. Unless your country is in some economic stress then it makes more sense to use another method of payment.

Now come the freelancers, if you are not familiar with this topic I will greatly encourage you to read my blog post on freelancer. Most of the work they do is not locally their main customers come from overseas.

This can add up great processing fees in the action of transferring money in the bank. In the long term, you are losing money. First the processing fees of currency conversion. The most currency that is widely used by most freelancers I see is the US dollars. So instead they use a payment gateway.

What kind of people uses payment gateways

Most of the people online use some kind of payment gateway. This case is only valid if they did purchase a product online, it can be anything from a simple book to an online course. You need a payment gateway to be able to accept the online transaction.

Website Owners

To scale it a bit there is a blogger who gets paid for their program that promotes and on ads. To note that when a country restricts payment due to conflicting laws then you can use another payment platform to get paid countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka are sometimes the victims. That is mainly due to the high amount of fraud in the area.

E-commerce Store

Due to the high amount of traffic e-commerce stores receive and all their transaction is online they use more than one payment gateway. This is to be able to extend more reach for online visitors. Some payment platform that is not allowed in a country will work in another place.

Business owners

This also applies to business owners and can help in lowering the cost of the overall budget. Some of the payment platforms like PayPal do offer online invoicing. Reducing staff in the accounting department helps in having a better cash flow management.

Still, there are a lot more categories that will fit in. For most people, this will be more than enough, as long as you are allowing an online transaction to occur you are bound to use a payment gateway.

My personal opinion

There are many people who do have great ideas but do not get the support needed to be able to start their project. When having a payment platform that will allow people that are interested to participate they can also make their project a reality. I also see millennials to use it more often as they want more freedom compared to the previous generation. This technology greatly allowed people to send money anywhere in the world without any fear.

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How to learn a new skill in 2018


How to learn a new skill in 2018

The internet has many emerging technologies in which we can learn new skills. Back in the day when the internet was not yet invented it was hard to get an education. The only place where you can get an education is by going to school and universities. Unfortunately, if someone did not have an education by going to school he will be called an uneducated person. Everything changed thanks to the internet where you can learn a new skill at anytime you find right.

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Woocommerce ecommerce platform review

Woocommerce e-commerce platform review

As you build a website there will a time when you want to sell products, most of the time it can a difficult time to make it e-commerce capable. Luckily WordPress developer had already a bunch of e-commerce plugins where you can make your website an e-commerce platform. Today, in particular, I am going review WooCommerce platform to see where it can fit you.


What is WooCommerce plugin?

Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows a website to sell products of any kinds. The e-commerce plugin allows you Image result for woocommerceseveral benefits.

To start with you will have the freedom to sell any kind of product to your website. One thing that people worry about is about setting payment gateways. WooCommerce greatly allows payment gateways such as PayPal and stripe. There is also more option you can choose as your payment gateway.

The best part of Woocommerce it is a free plugin to use.


The best place to use WooCommerce plugin

As a matter, a fact WordPress powers 30% of websites which is very big.

Ecommerce platform usage pie chart
Upon installing the plugin to a website there are still several factors that affect your website performance some useful links.

There will some things that you will know as a webmaster. Some technical terms like website hosting, image compression, optimized coding, responsive design, good UX[User Experience]. These are important to know because you will able to help yourself with the google speed insight.


Pros and Cons of WooCommerce

So to start with the pros first.

Pros of WooCommerce

  • Open source
  • Fully customizable
  • Several options of payment gateway compatible like PayPal and Stripe
  • A wide range of plugins compatible


Cons of WooCommerce

  • Need a developer to customize the platform
  • It is tied to WordPress
  • Professional add-on functionality can cost




Luckily WooCommerce is free. Being in an open source in nature help to extend its number of users drastically. Many small websites can benefit from it. Add on features cost but with the functionality, you need for your business to move to the next step.



You do get a nice documentation available right on their own website. I was impressed with the amount of detail video they have, very straightforward though.

We have 3 ways to contact them. The first method is if we have a generic or commonly asked questions. The second one is about the technical aspect where your question will be dealt with the support team for proper response. The third one is about the sales.


My final thought

WooCommerce being an open source platform that works only on WordPress works best for people with a small website or e-commerce store. You should not that add-on like sign up form, cart, new arrival functionality can cost you money. But you probably will have the add-on functionality readily available, being native to WordPress. For those who want a real e-commerce platform where you build a store with all the functionality needed at one price, click to learn more.







Best website hosting platform in 2018


Owning a business can some feel overwhelming. Sometimes you really go down and you see no way to promote your business. By promoting your business you can be sure to get interested visitors every time. By having a website online you can make your business get listed on search engines you will get more visibility and attract more clients.

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Free website vs paid website hosting

You can be pretty overwhelmed when you decide to buy your website. That is this blog post is all about. There is a lot of factors that will decide which kind of website hosting is right for you. Your website should not go down when getting peak traffic. This break the online visitor trust in you and your website. Knowing what option you can choose can affect your purchase as a whole.

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