Avoid online scams

Types of online Scams

There are some days when you hear someone got hacked or scammed on the internet. Upon hearing that you hope it won’t happen to you. If that is the case you will be scammed at a point in your life. The reason for this to happen is that you did not have the right knowledge and sources to double check. So I have made a list different types of scams are available online.

Top Easy Ways to ensure online security

Just by having a safe browsing habits is not enough to save you from scammers. They can be hard to spot and actually lurks from where you least expected it. From emails to ad popup from a shady website. We often forget the easiest ways.



  • Update your desktop or PC
  • Having a decent antivirus
  • Avoiding Pirated Software



Update your desktop PC or laptop

This is what you should do when the notification come from a new update. Not later and play video games or that movie you wanted for so long.Update Icon Logo

You need to understand that your online security is most important than anything.

Every day, you are bombarded with junk mails. You are just one click away from being compromised.

Whenever you do click on that shady link you know you have at least a level of security to backed you. That is if it not the case you know that you completely messed up.

You choose if you want instant gratification of long term online security. Choice is completely yours.


Having a decent Antivirus

Every PC users are aware they should have an antivirus running. The free version work very well as well but you can use a paid version it will be much better.Antivirus Logo


The paid version have all the bell and whistle you will need.


There are many perks of having a good antivirus. Suspicious programs will be notified and programs that have some behavioral pattern. That is considered potential threat you your security will be sandbox.


Avoiding Pirated Software

We all are guilty of it and love free stuffs. We are so lazy to swipe a credit card to buy the full version of the legitimate programs.


Imagine finding a program online which is a little too expensive. Many will search for the cracked version of the program. Most of the time the links will come to shady website with useless banners.


Even if the pirated program works you might never know. Do you keep your house door open when you go out or close it firmly, think of it that way.



The page will have some updates in the future. Most of the time you can become a victim unless if you are a computer science students, hackers or geeks. The majority of people with no technical skills and knowledge are the ideal victims. Sometimes you can get notified when you are hitting your credit card limit. This is just one scenario of how it can happened. We are human after all errors are bound to be made. So it out duty to minimize it. 

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