How to start your online business?

Build an online business from scratch

How can some people be massively successful and some stays where they were 3 years ago. It is all about setting priorities, you need to choose what is most important for you if you are unsure about your activities, just ask a question about how this is going to benefit me and when you realise what is important to you then you will be able to achieve greatness.

Look How Space Rockets Works

For this reason, I decided to teach you guys about how you will be able to build your own successful online business. Regardless if you are clueless about where to start or what skills you have. Everyone should start somewhere. 

Launch your own online business

Think of it like how SpaceX build their rockets surely it is not the best one. Just one working model. It is inefficient, [the best rockets in the works have 10% efficiency] at first.

The rocket efficiency will improve with time.

Building your first business is the same thing. No matter if you think it is not perfect yet, if it is able to work then you are on the right path. Small tweaks here and there will make the system much better.


Why building your own online business make sense

The reason I am teaching you how to build your own online business is just that you are just starting out and are inexperienced. Taking smart risk is also an important skill if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. In worst case scenario you will usually lose about a couple of bucks and that it.

One example of a smart risk you do not drink and drive. Drinking will increase your reaction time, cloud your judgement and be risking the lives of the passengers.

If you were to build a traditional brick and mortar business you would have gone bankrupt, unpaid staffs, and much more.Start your own online business

Choosing to start a small online business is wise as it will help you to be reliable and build some serious skills.

As you gain experience as you manage more complex projects you will be able to handle it pretty easily.

The internet is a very big place itself with billions of people surfing the internet, of different age, genders, hobbies, interests and much more.

Think of how many problems that you can solve. The opportunities are endless as there are people out there every time who is searching for information about products that can help them.

When you find your right audience they will be more likely to attract to your products and inform them about it.


Online business as a beginner

Thank yourself that you are a beginner you shall not knock every door and people out there.

With the ever-increasing presence of scamming artist out there, you could have been scammed or if you know someone who has experienced it then you know how does it suck.

With what I am going to teach you to know that you are on track and also what you need to do to be able to move toward your goal. 

Eventually, when your business takes off you can make it a full-time job and another business to increase your revenue. Having the idea of having multiple streams of income is possible with the right frame.

Pros of having an online business

No need to buy new hardware or equipment

The main advantage of that you have over a traditional business is the that is much easier to build one as you probably have the necessary tools available right to your hand, that is a laptop or a desktop pc and a decent internet connection. No need to acquire new hardware so that you start your business, unlike a traditional business.

Work anywhere around the globe

The ability to work from anywhere you are in the world is very real. Take for example an online business or e-commerce website. As long as you can work remotely with the internet you are good to go. It will never feel like work again as you have the ability to move constantly on the go. All by using the power of the internet.

You can work on what you like

If you have ever worked for someone you would know how it does feel like doing the same thing over and over again which is very exhausting to all of us. If you do something you really like then you will eventually be more productive over a longer period of time. That is why you based your business on what you like you will be happier than a normal job.

You are your own boss

Owning your own business is very empowering because it is you who decide not anyone else. You can set your own schedule and any your holiday on how much longer you want it. You have control over everything in your business.

Choosing your own paycheck

You can choose what paycheck you want as your paycheck is based on your result that is the more conversion you have the greater your pay. Having several businesses in your portfolio will improve your revenue drastically.


Cons of having an online business

Getting rich quick

Do not ever make the mistake of thinking that when building an online business you will get rich quick. Remember to be successful it takes hard work and time. When you are just starting you will have to work hard for a consistent amount of time before you start to see your result pay off and at the end, it will be worthwhile.

The only way to be successful is to work hard meaning even on weekends and on your free time at a certain point you effort will start to compound this is where you will be able to see the result.

You are one man show

You will have to figure out everything as you start out, you will be the only one that will be able to make the business a successful one and you should have a sense of duty toward your business.

From marketing to customer service everything is on your shoulder and if you encounter your an obstacle you will be the one to fix it. Fortunate this can stop many people in track. In the beginning, many of us are in a position of starting alone but when as your business start to get momentum you will be able to build up a team freeing up you time for more important stuff.


Having a flexible schedule

If you have no self-discipline and procrastinate you will see that having a flexible time will ruin your business success. With just being started out you will normally build your business at home. The tendency to be lazy is very high so you will have to dedicate your time each day even if you have a flexible schedule so that you work on your business every day.


Not preparing for success

The main reason of why most people fail in their first business for the first time is that they did not have much preparation done when their products were starting to sell like hot cookies they eventually backfire due to lack of preparation and fail miserably.

Don’t be that guy, always do your homework your hard work will pay off with interest.


Reasons for going to build your online business

Controlling your income

When you were at your full-time job when did you get a raise last time and when will be the next one. You cannot live like this for the rest of your life with such uncertainty can be fatal. Why not fully control your business and your income.


Creating your second stream of income

The best way is to create another income stream from the revenue of your business. You have more revenue to fund your second business you will be able to create another one in a much shorter amount of time.


Going debt free

Working at you 9 to 5 jobs give you a fixed amount of revenue every month. When you have a bigger project like improving your home, buying a car or going to a holiday, it does cost more than you earn.

So you will have to take a loan to be able to fulfil your wants, but then you will be on debt until you pay off the money that was given to you. Owning a business will change a lot of things you will be able to step out of debt and stay debt free for your whole life.


Purchasing with cash

Do you remember the last time you bought a product for cash? If not when you own a business you will be able to to make any purchase with cash be a car, house or a gaming rig, anything you want to buy. When you pay cash you will only pay the amount advertised not the interest.  


Diversifying income

The problem with having a single source of income is that if that source is somehow affected, such as economic changes or the industry collapses this is why when you will diversify your income source you will be able to minimize the risk if one source of income suddenly stopped.


Tools needed for starting your online business

This a bit weird as most people do have a decent laptop or pc that could browse the web and watch youtube along with having a decent internet connection. The 2 are the only tools you will ever need for building your business.

Then it come for the one who is dead broke no internet connection and a pc or laptop, well some of you may not have the chance to have it but it is fine, what you can do is that you can go to your local library or cybercafe so that you will be able to learn and then earn.

Make your online payment on a trusted friend or family computer as public pc tend to wait for victims to just pounce and empty their bank account.



Revenue of online business

Your success in your business is only based on your results so the more you work on your business to more result you will have. It is only you who decide how much revenue you make. $10/day, $100/day, $1000/day or even better $10,000/day. As you can observe how well your online business can scale it is only up according to your need.

Can you tell me a job that pays you that much? Well except doctors, pilots and professional athletes. All I know is that you can hit these numbers only when owning a business. So the time to take your financial situation in your hand and learn what it takes to build a profitable online business that can support you for the long term.

What you need in a successful online business model

  • Website
  • Support
  • Competitiveness




If you want to build an online business and have no website then my friend your success will be very short lived as it is like swimming in the open sea when you have not even learned swimming.

You could even have your own website without having to spend a dime.

So now you get the sense of the importance of getting a website for your online business, in this website everything from educating your readers to sales all happens in the inside so as I said before make it a necessity.



Let say you are on your ways to build your online business everything was running smoothly until you got stuck and cannot figure out what is going on. This is bad right?

Having support when learning can make you go the extra miles fairly easily. So it will wise to choose a platform that has good support.


Guess the only way you could get competitive? Through training and practising. Without these two you will always be on the starting line it is only when you get competitive you will able to reach your goal whatever it may be.

Starting with $0 how does it sound…

Right now it should just start out with $0, here is what you will get.


You get 2 free WordPress site which is ready in few minutes.

Help & Support

  • Getting help from a community made of more than 10,000 members and counting.
  • Personal help from me (Username: Sheikave)
  • Live Chats
  • Topical Classroom, you can join in if interested


  • Video Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Video Classrooms

Learning Online Business at WA vs Other Online Business Program



It can be surprising to have so much stuff for 0 bucks, no other platform will provide you with such solid training platform, consider to be Premium member so that you can have full access and enjoy.


You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review on this link.


If you have some questions to ask please feel free to do so I will reply as soon as possible.






6 thoughts on “How to start your online business?”

  1. Hello! Thanks for writing this article on how to start an online business. It’s helpful to read different people’s experiences and see what potentials exist. I am in the very beginning phase of starting my online business, and I can see that if I continue putting energy into it, I’ll get successful results (although it might not happen right away). I wasn’t sure which company to work with to get started because there are so many out there. I chose Wealthy Affiliate, and so far I am very impressed with the platform, training, and support they offer. 🙂

  2. What a thorough and well-written article. I have read a lot about affiliate marketing and it was said that if you are earning $500 per month you are a super affiliate. Well – it does seem to be a little low income for leaving 9 to 5 job. So what could you say – was it some wrong information? What is the realistic amount that can be earned by doing affiliate marketing?

    1. The information is wrong and I will tell you why. The more people are getting to your website, the more you can to sell. Not very people know how to scale their website, that is why you did read this wrong assumption. There are 6,7 and 8 figure affiliate marketers. All of them operate at different scale. The 8 figures are a minority your skills need to be very refined and up to date.

      This is up to you. How much work you are willing to put in order to make it work.

  3. I really like the analogy with a rocket. When building a business on line, you have to start with ANYTHING, just get the ball rolling and then you can fix it / improve it over time.
    I am glad that you pointed out there are low start up costs. It’s rare to build a business from scratch with very little money these days.
    I agree with your comment that three core elements of success are your Website, your level of Support and Competitiveness.

    I was just wondering what help do you consider to be the most valuable for your personally?

    1. The training is available in video format. Whenever you get stuck online you have very resourceful members that can help you for sure.

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